How to play Uphill Rush 8

Coming to Uphill Rush 8, you need to choose your favourite character to start the game. In this game, you will transform into a beautiful girl to go water skiing. Your mission is to control the girl to reach the finish line and complete the level. Be careful when the water pipes aren't straight. They can be spirals or slopes. Therefore, your character can easily lose her balance. Combinate correctly between lean forward and backwards to keep balance. If your character falls on her head, the game will be over. 

Along your way, many coins appear. Let's go through them to collect. Besides, many beach balls, girls and boys are on your way. Just crash them! Don't too worry because normal collisions can't defeat your character. Remember always to keep the up arrow to move forward. That will help you spend less time reaching the destination. Don’t forget to check at checkpoints. You can replay at the last checkpoint when falling off. Nothing on the way can prevent you from completing the race. Let's be the coolest player in the water park. 

What you may don’t know about Uphill Rush 8

After the success of the previous 7 Uphill Rush versions, the Uphill Rush 8 was released. Different from the previous version, Uphill Rush 8 is set in a water park where there are long water pipes. Like in other racing games, you will control your swimming float instead of cars or motorbikes. Many characters and floats for you to choose from. Now, our web also brings another racing game with an underwater theme for you. Click to Car Eats Car: Underwater Adventure to have a great adventure under the sea. 

Time affects the number of stars in the Uphill Rush 8 online game

Time will directly affect the number of stars you gain after each level. The maximum number of stars is 3 stars, including gold star, silver star and bronze star. You may also not get any stars if you complete the level for too long.

  • If you complete a race in 46 seconds you will get all 3 stars.
  • With 49 seconds to complete the level, 2 stars (silver star and bronze star) will be won for you.
  • The longest time is 1 minute 49 seconds, and with this time you only get one star (bronze star)

Characters in Uphill Rush 8

In this game, you can select to be a girl or a boy. There are 67 available characters in Uphill Rush 8. They can be bikini girl green, beach boy black, casual girl army, casual dude army, ELF girl, Santa boy, etc. These characters are created based on many unique themes such as Christmas, the army, the angel, etc. The game will be more challenging when you need coins to unlock these characters. What is your favourite character? Can you unlock all 67 characters in this game?

Vehicles in Uphill Rush 8

As characters, there are 32 vehicles in the shop such as USA tube, donut tube, neon tube, purple jetski, flames jetski, dolphin, etc. Sound great, right? Of course, the stranger vehicles cost more coins. Do you have enough money to buy “dolphin vehicles”? If you can do it, you will be really cool. Not only does Uphill Rush 8 has beautiful vehicles, but Madalin Stunt Cars also provides dozen of vehicles for you. 

How to control

  • Up arrow key: Accelerating
  • Down arrow key: Slowing down
  • Left arrow key: Rotating forwards
  • Right arrow key: Rotating backwards
  • Spacebar: Boost


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