About Ado Stunt Cars

Just driving as you want. No opponents challenge you, but you still get some trouble with the bends. Of course, you can drive a supercar at the max speed. There are no policies and citizens on your road. You even can change your car when driving. It means you don't need to go to the main menu. That sound interesting, right? This feature won't be found in other racing games.

Play Ado Stunt Cars online

In this game, you can show your great driving skill or practice your control skill. On the track, artificial ramps will be placed everywhere for you to challenge yourself. There are no specific missions set in Ado Stunt Cars. So just like in Madalin Stunt Cars, you'll be free to explore, race, and perform cool tricks across many maps. Drive on steep slopes, or make jumps. Don't worry when your car gets stuck, you can reset your car as soon as you want.

Available cars and tracks in the Ado Stunt Cars

This game offers 3D sports cars like the actual cars to you. There are 19 available cars for you to choose from. One special thing is You will turn into a pro racer who owns many cool cars. Whether you like muscle cars or sports cars. Furious Drift will give various choices for you. One more thing, all the cars in the garage are free. You can choose any car without money or coins.

You can choose one of three tracks to drive the car. On the first track, you will drive in a desert where you only see the slopes and sand. In the second track, many special roads are on the air. Can you drive on them without falling off them? Lastly, you will be driving in a place with a lot of huge packages. If you like to challenge yourself then this will be the right race for you.

The 3D graphics will bring excellent emotions. Moreover, you can choose graphic quality on the main menu. They are Simple, good, beautiful, fantastic, fast, and fastest. However, if you play on a device with a low resolution, then simple graphics will suit you. Choose simple graphics to avoid stuttering and lag. The bends or the roads in space will challenge your driving skill. No time limit, no mission, and let's drive freestyle.

Let's come to Ado Stunt Cars, you will have a relaxing time and an incredible experience. Good luck!


What are the fastest cars in Ado Stunt Cars?

Koenisegg Agera and Lamborghini Veneno.

Can I save the game data?

Your game data will be saved in the browser cache. Don't delete the browser cache unless you want to delete your game data.

Is Ado Stunt Cars unblocked?

Yes. So, you can play the game anywhere.

Can I hack Ado Stunt Cars?

We highly recommend experiencing this game with your driving skills.

How to control

Use WASD or arrows to gas, brake and turn left, or right.


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