About Worlds Builder

Players of many backgrounds and interests will enjoy Worlds Builder, a game about alchemy, mastering natural forces, building, researching, and commerce. Create the world of your imagination without boundaries!

You are a legendary world-maker who possesses the enigmatic ability of alchemy from antiquity. As the god and king of the new world, you will use natural forces to separate the land from the waters and begin evolution.

Create new lands, mountains, and woods, build houses, farms, and workshops, and learn about cutting-edge technology. Take a small mining hamlet with a sawmill and a few mines as your starting point. Develop it into a thriving city surrounded by dense forests, vivid wheat fields, and azure waterways.

Invite and enlighten immigrants who can aid you and boost your economy. Set up commercial ships and trade caravans with all the equipment. Brave explorers eager to embark on their quest in pursuit of legendary treasures will be waiting to take your orders. Remember that you are not alone in the universe. Players that share your passion for creating new worlds are willing to work with you or pose as your deadly enemies in weekly challenges.

  • The open sandbox world can be completely changed while in god mode.
  • Many alchemical procedures to create new minerals and landscape elements
  • Merchandising and travel by land, sea, and air
  • Training settlers develops specific abilities and turns untrained peasants become true professionals.
  • World builders are brought together by clans for cooperation and competitiveness in epic weekly competitions.


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