About Hungry Shark Arena

You can expand your Hungry Shark Arena by feeding it different live foods. You have the option of eating anything underwater, depending on the size of the Hungry Shark Arena. To attack more viciously, left-click to boost and swim up to your prey to devour it.


Kill, eat, and multiply Use your tusk to spear other players, then eat the leftover meat to take control of them. Do this repeatedly until you are the most terrifying predator on the ocean. Watch out for mines and stay within the moving boundaries.

Similar games

Many other games have intriguing grow mechanics and battle royale modes. Check out our shark and IO games for more. Stabfish.io is a similar game with an aquatic background. Try Smash if you want something a little different.


  • Battle and impale the watery foes.
  • Consume their remnants to gain power and size.
  • Choose a unique username to play the game under.
  • Acquire gold to buy new sharks with a range of abilities.


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