About The Runaway Cats

Your objective in the difficult puzzle game The Runaway Cats is to capture the cat. You must carefully consider the trap to install because cats are intelligent animals who are aware of their escape routes. A solution to this puzzle involves narrowing the corridor and denying the cat access to the exit. The cat moves on to the next tile whenever you select one, unless she is caught in a trap. You must stop the Cat from leaving the maze by blocking the exit with obstacles since she will attempt to do so whenever she has a chance. Predict which path is the ideal location to catch the cat using your cognitive abilities. Get assistance from the strong boosters playing hurdles. Though cunning, cats cannot defeat our hurdles because they have been designed to take advantage of their weaknesses. Be careful! You can't always forecast how to catch the cat because our CATS have varied intellects and personalities.


  • Throughout the entire gameplay, enter the many mazes with breathtaking features in the graphics and audio.
  • Enjoy our cats' appearances, personalities, intelligence, and animations.
  • Play the game offline and keep it close to your heart as your new go-to brain teaser.
  • Catch the cat by completing each difficult level and earning rewards.
  • Recognize the strength of boosters because they are necessary for success.


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