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Laser Cannon 3: Levels Pack

About Laser Cannon 3: Levels Pack

Find out how your thinking functions in our entertaining arcade game. Find the best way to use the cannon, solve difficult brainteasers, and defend the world from enemies.
One of the best games for showcasing your creativity and developing logical and critical thinking is Laser Cannon 3 Levels Pack. To clear a way, you can move and aim the gun, reflect the laser using your emplacement, or make the ideal shot to eliminate all of the monsters that are hidden. Use your imagination to solve the puzzle and achieve the highest score possible in our free brainteaser game. Make use of the items in each location.


  • Free access to a fun shooting game both online and off
  • Great brainteaser with many of imaginative physics-based problems.
  • Showcase your level of reasoning, focus, and response
  • Download a free arcade game in full version to your smartphone.

These brainteasers are simple to master, but they will undoubtedly put your reasoning, understanding of physics, and shooting prowess to the test. The rules are straightforward: the more monsters you kill quickly, the more points you receive. Every shot counts, thus the more stars you acquire, the fewer blasts you utilize. To raise your score, you can always go back and retry a level that you have already completed.

Learn different strategies to get through each level and eliminate every creep by reflecting the laser, smashing barriers, cutting chains, detonating bombs, and spreading hazardous liquids. Increase your points for combos, gather accomplishments, and break records.

In this captivating free game filled with physics problems, let's see how many creatures we can dispatch in one shot.


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