About APE Sling

What is APE Sling?

Welcome to APE Sling, a brand-new slingshot game on the internet that is even better since it includes monkeys. We are very confident that you will like it a ton, just like the rest of our crew has.

Sling the APE into the sky!

Shoot the ape from one blue point to the next using the mouse on a computer or your finger on a mobile device. The higher you can get the ape while avoiding spikes, wheels, and other traps, obstacles, and hazards you come across, the more points you will get.

You lose and have to restart from scratch or a checkpoint if you hit into them. To make your shot, draw back, point your gun in the desired direction, and then let go. Now that you know how easy it is, good luck! We hope to see you again soon for more fun since there will be more to come!

How to play APE Sling online?

Mouse - Click and drag to sling


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