About City Car Racer

Are you ready to drive a car at the max speed in a city? It can not be true in the real life. However, you can do it in City Car Racer. As the name of this game, you will participate in a race in a city which always is full of vehicles on the road. The graphics of this game are invested very much. Here you will be driving shiny and new cars. You can even see the surroundings reflected in them. This was only available in real life, but now it's included in the game. This will help players feel like they are driving a real car.

Driving cars to get cash in City Car Racer

Are you confident with your driving skills? If yes, this game will challenge you. Select your favourite car at the beginning, then race in through a crowded street. Many vehicles will appear on the road. Try your best to minimize the damage and avoid serious collisions. Otherwise, your car will be destroyed. Use the left and right arrows to shift the lanes. Press the up arrow to move forward and the down arrow to brake. Take care of the other vehicles lights on the road. Not all vehicles will always move straight. Some can change right or left lanes. Some can stop.

How to drive a car to get cash? You can get cash based on four standards. including total distance, near miss, keep above 100km/h and opposite direction. For example, if you move far, you will earn a lot of cash. Or you will get some cash when you keep above 100 km/h for a long time. Then, you use the cash to unlock many new cars. With each car, you can also buy upgrades for its engine, handling, and brake or customize the car's colour. Remember that the more expensive car will be more powerful. Although you love muscle cars, sports cars or lorries, the game all offers suitable cars for you. Besides City Car Racer, many excellent cars are given in Madalin Stunt Cars. You can have a great experience in this game.

City Car Racer game's modes

Come to the game, and you will select one of three available modes. They are one-way, two-way and time attack. In one-way mode, other vehicles will run in the same direction as your car. This is considered the easiest mode. On a two-way street, many cars will go in the same direction as you or in the opposite direction. So you have to avoid more cars, so it's like a medium difficulty mode. Finally, the attack time mode is the hardest mode. Time is limited and you need to score as many points as possible. After choosing the suitable game mode, there are three stages for you. They are sunny, night and rainy. Let's play in ideal weather for you to get the highest score.

Features of City Car Racer

  • Easy gameplay and simple control
  • 3D graphics vivid like the actual roads
  • The sound effect and music are cool
  • Diversity of car and colour
  • The endless game

How to control

  • Use WASD or arrows to gas, brake, and move right, left.
  • Touch the buttons on the screen you play on the mobile


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