About Furious Drift

You are a big fan of speed games, Furious Drift game is for you. You see the racing scenes, the drifts by the impressive supercars in Hollywood action movies. You wish you could do such cool scenes too. Furious Drift will make your dreams come true. Now, it is time to show your driving skills in Furious Drift. Start your car engine, Start engine, fasten your seat belt and press the accelerator. Many cool supercars with different features are waiting for you to play. Each detail of this game will make you feel like you are driving a real car. Don't be hesitant, find something about this game now!

How to play Furious Drift

In this game, you have to finish many difficult missions on the tracks. You will drive on a flat road without any obstacles on the road. However, many bends will challenge your drifting skills. Besides, you should make some awesome drifts to gain a high score. If your car hits the barriers, your drift will fail and get the low points. Be careful when you get over the bends because you can easily collide with the barrier on both sides of the road. When you finish the mission, you can get some CR. You use CR to buy new vehicles with powerful features or customize your car. Remember to drift as much as you can.

What Furious Drift game brings for players

The 3D graphics will bring real emotion. Easy gameplay and simple control can make you addicted to the game. The game has 15 different tracks such as the bridge, dockyard, desert, etc. However, there are only the first three tracks are available without unlocking. For the rest tracks, you need to collect enough CR to open them. Each type of track has three modes, including classic, burnout and checkpoint modes. Each mode will bring various challenges for you in Furious Drift.

  • In classic mode, your mission is to get enough points to pass a level.
  • In burnout mode, you will finish a series of targets.
  • In checkpoint mode, just check enough all checkpoints to complete a level.

More things about Furious Drift

  • No limited time allow you to drive until you finish the task. On our web, there is another game with unlimited time. It is Madalin Stunt Cars.
  • Each track will have different background and tasks, so you will not be bored. You can be driving the car and enjoy the views.
  • In the garage, there are 10 cool supercars with different designs and features. However, there is only one car available to drive and you need money to unlock the others. Besides, you can customise the car's colour with money. Keep your mind that if you spend more money on buying cars, you will get more powerful cars.
  • Moreover, Furious Drift allows you to change your username or adjust the volume.

How to control

  • Up and down arrows to go forward and backwards
  • Left and right arrows to turn left and right


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