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Hungry Shark Arena: Horror Night

About Hungry Shark Arena: Horror Night

In the shark battle royale game Hungry Shark Arena: Horror Night, you engage in a brutal underwater conflict for supremacy. In this underwater adventure, consume other fish to develop into the largest shark. The shark that remains standing wins! To become the largest predator in the water, you must hunt and raise your shark. Stay at the top of the food chain by dashing and eliminating other players. Can you live in a hostile undersea environment?


Drag to move, then click to accelerate! HUNT and GROW your shark to make it the ocean's largest predator. Stay at the top of the food chain by DASHING and KILLING other players. OVERCOME the threats in a brutal underwater arena.


Ubisoft made Hungry Shark Arena Horror Night.


Web browser


Move the mouse to swim around and click the left mouse button to attack.


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