Kitchen Bazar - manage a new restaurant in Manhattan!

In the amazing management game Kitchen Bazar, you get to manage your own New York City restaurant.

Become Manhattan's most renowned restaurant owner! Anyhow, that is your objective, and you ought to begin modestly. You already own a restaurant, but you're only now starting off! Customers are eager to try a variety of treats. begin with the beverages. You may locate a variety of ingredients for this at the base of your counter. To make the cocktail you wish to mix, you must choose them. Your very first client wants a glass of cool lemonade. In order to provide the desired drink, choose both lemons and draw them up to the consumer. Excellent, you've taken the first step toward owning a premier restaurant.

Tips and tricks for tipping a lot

You will be allowed to offer your guests drinks in addition to entrées like bratwurst or burgers, as well as sweets like donuts or raspberry pie.

  • You'll be required to serve the food within a set amount of time and try to accommodate the customer's wishes as quickly as you can, possibly in exchange for a tip.
  • In addition to furnishings, you can purchase powerups that increase your tip total or order processing time.
  • You can click the products you desire in the client speech bubbles and see how they are blended if you ever forget how to make the orders.


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