About Little Big Snake

Perhaps you are too familiar with the game of fainting that has been a storm for a while with a simple but attractive gameplay because of the competitive nature of the game. Now you can experience Little Big Snake, an extremely fun “io game”.

The game puts you in an arena with hundreds of other players around the world in a real-time match. You must try to overcome opponents to complete missions, upgrade skills and destroy other players to become the biggest snake. Rated as a game worth trying because it will bring you moments of great entertainment as well as relaxation.

Simple but fun game

In Little Big Snake, you will control a small snake in a large map. The rules of the game are very simple, you have to do everything to survive as long as possible in a land with many other snakes. All you need to do is control your snake to glide to eat the lights and bugs while avoiding attacks from other snakes. The blobs can be found randomly on the map or from recently killed snakes, the more your snake eats, the bigger its size.

The controls are very simple for first-timers. Your snake will move automatically, you just need to touch the joystick to navigate it or touch the lightning icon to speed it up. You have to keep in mind that when your snake hits another snake's head, you lose immediately.

When the snake is large enough and long enough, you should hunt for other snakes instead of bugs. To catch another snake, you just need to do whatever it takes to get it to get inside, such as moving in a circle to trap the opponent and wait for it to kill itself. Sounds very appealing, doesn't it?

Various types of snakes

The game offers a huge collection of hundreds of different snakes for you to unlock. Each snake in the game is uniquely designed in terms of appearance, color, and skin classified based on their rarity.

These include: common, rare, epic and legendary, of which legend is the rarest and most expensive. You can unlock new skins by buying them with rubies after each level or collecting enough skin shards.

Also, with luck, you can even get a legend from opening crates or playing mini games. You can make your snake stand out in the game by wearing a flag, with all sorts of options like title, cute, private, sign, etc.

Exciting game mode

Little Big Snake has 2 main game modes: single player and multiplayer. In single player mode, you will play against bots, which is suitable for you to practice before trying out the multiplayer. In the other mode, you will be playing with other players around the world, giving you an opportunity to show off your skills.

Besides, you can try “OBServer Mode”, your job is not to participate in the match but only act as an observer. You can randomly observe one of the 30 players with the highest score, to gain experience.

New point of the game

During the match, you can pick up random items like magnets, binoculars. They are also considered Boost items, allowing you to use special skills for a short period of time. You can enhance the shelf life of items by accessing the Evolution option.

Here, you need to use gold to upgrade the effects. After each match in the game, you can get the key. Once you have collected 10 keys, you can open a chest. This is the easiest way to get more gold, rubies, and skins. When you open a Legendary Chest, you can even get a new skin. Besides, if you are a VIP account, you can get double the reward when you open the chest.

A special feature is “Little Big Snake” that allows matches by players on different platforms. Meaning, there is no division for the platforms of the game. If you are playing it on Android, you can still compete with other players on the iOS or PC version. In addition, there are no ads, avoiding disturbing players during the experience. Unlike some other games, you get extra life without watching ads.

Graphics and game quality

Besides the good gameplay, the graphics of "Little Big Snake" will not disappoint you. The images of snakes in the game are designed very cute with many different designs and colors.

If you are always afraid of real snakes, this game will definitely give you a completely different experience, making you a lot more fun. “Little Big Snake” is one of the best io games that will surely bring you lots of fun, lots of things to unlock, nice graphics and extremely stable servers.


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