About Meow Meow Life

Take care of an adorable kitty in Meow Meow Life!
In the entertaining animal game Meow Meow Life, you can care for a gorgeous cat and provide its requirements.
Such a pet could become a close companion of yours, but only if you grow and care for it properly. However, you shouldn't forget to pet and play with it as well.
Meow Meow Life lets you take care of a lovely kitty while you progress through the game's various levels and gain new stuff.
You must buy food for it, feed it, bathe it, play with it, pet it, put it to sleep, and do a variety of other duties.
Play with the cat, capture the mouse, use the scratch board, or play with the ball while playing minigames like Cooking Tile or Link Mahjong. Additionally, you might clean in a cat's home. You may take care of your virtual cat and earn XP and Meow coins for it, just like Tamagotchi. You only need to click on the goggle cat in the bottom left to access tasks and rewards. You can purchase extra food and medication with the game money you earn.
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Play Pou and take care of the little brown spot if you enjoy Meow Meow Life.
If having a real pet is still too much for you, practice here risk-free!


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