What Monster Truck Driving game is?

You may hear about monster trucks in real life. They are specialized off-road vehicles with a heavy weight. They have four wheels that are much bigger than regular trucks. These wheels are even bigger than the body of the car. You will rarely see them on the road because they are often used for competition and entertainment purposes.

Have you ever thought that you have a chance to drive a monster truck? It will be true in the Monster Truck Driving game. In this game, you will turn into a pro driver. Your mission in this game is to reach the finish line flag. Of course, the way to the destination isn't easy. The game with simple control and easy gameplay is suitable for all ages, even children and families. Now, let's turn your dream come true in Monster Truck Driving.

Monster Truck Driving gameplay

Start your car and move forward. Press X to accelerate, and Z to brake. Use the left and right arrow keys to adjust the vehicle's balance. Drive over all terrain and reach the flag at the end of the track to advance to the next level. After each level, you will get stars. Use collected stars to unlock new cars.

The difficulties of Monster Truck Driving

This game offers unique tracks for you. You have to drive in many iron bars of different shapes instead of roads. Iron bars can be curved, straight, wavy or etc. This is what makes it difficult to balance a giant vehicle. It can be rollover at any time. In addition, these iron bars are also spaced apart.

Tackle difficulties in this game

Don you wonder how can I pass the level? Get your momentum up and make beautiful jumps to break through the gaps. One more thing, always keep moving forwards. Time affects how many stars you get after a level. Therefore, don't stop for a moment. Combine pressing the left and right arrows to lean forward or backwards, then avoid rollover. This driving simulation game has many different levels with separate terrain and maps. Give it a try and show off your driving skills.

How to control

  • Boost: X
  • Brake: Z
  • Lean Backwards: Left arrow key
  • Lean Forwards: Right arrow key

More things about Monster Truck Driving

Now, let's explore more about the game's levels, trucks and features.

Levels and monster trucks

There are 20 levels and their difficulty will increase with the higher levels. You can pass the first levels with ease, but you may take a lot of time to finish the next levels. Moreover, you can select one of the 5 monster trucks in the garage. Of course, you need to have enough stars to unlock them.

Features of Monster Truck Driving

  • The game has simple graphics, so you don't spend much time loading the game. However, if you want to play a racing game with impressive graphics, the Madalin Stunt Cars game is what you need.
  • Various levels with different tracks will bring many excitements for you
  • Unlock new cars using collected stars


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