The mission in Police Drift & Stunt

Police Drift & Stunt is an intriguing car driving in which you try to get the highest scores thanks to stunt or drift as well as explore a beautiful city.

In this game, your mission is to try to get as many points as possible while exploring the city. How to get points? This driving game has two behaviour types in the Options Menu. You can choose between Drift or Stunt. If you choose Stunt, you need to perform stunts to score points and vice versa. Besides that, you can also choose driving assistants like ABS, ESP, or TCS.

Alternatively, you can also choose from configurations such as nos, turbo, rev limited, exhaust flame, and clutch margin at 1st gear. In addition,  you can also design wheels and colours for your car.

The wonderful city with ramps and loops is waiting for you to discover. Are you ready to explore the city and show your driving skills?

Features of Police Drift & Stunt

  • The interesting car driving game
  • Try to get the highest score
  • Design your car 

How to control

  • Steer: Up, Left, and Right arrow keys
  • Brake: Down arrow key
  • Slow motion: G
  • Boost: F
  • Change colour: Y


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