Save the Uncle is what?
Protect the Uncle
Save the Uncle is one of the newest logic puzzle games with pins we've added to our website, and since we all thoroughly enjoyed playing it from beginning to end, there is absolutely no doubt in our minds that you will feel the same way when you play it as well. In the past, we've added other games of a similar nature, and those additions have caused a wave of joy among our users.

Are you able to save the Uncle?
The Uncle is an adventurer who always manages to find himself in perilous situations, including in tunnels where enormous spiders are waiting to devour him. 
In each level, your objective is to assist him in passing through the exit door so that you can go on to the one that is more challenging.
To accomplish this, use the mouse to click on and pull pins. Characters will move and become free when the pins are pulled, so be careful to help the Uncle reach his door without releasing any creatures or other hazards because if they do and he is captured and killed, the level will be lost.
Have fun, good luck, and we hope you don't stop here since we will never pass up the chance to introduce you to other wonderful games that are always arriving here!



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