About Car Driving Stunt Game

Welcome to a world of speed where you can drive a supercar at the max speed without fear. Have you ever thought that you can drive a supercar and explore a city? The special thing is this city has no citizens or police. Therefore, you can drive as you like. Make some awesome drifts to beat the previous record. Many cars are offered to choose from. However, you need to gems to unlock them. Where can you find gems? You can see them along the road. Go through them to collect.

How to play Car Driving Stunt Game

Coming to this game, you will control a car to go around the city and collect gems along the way. You can drive freely on the roads you desire and show great stunts. You can drive around the city and see the beautiful beaches and city landscapes. You can also drive at high speed to experience the thrills. Race on the highways. High jump with slides. Challenge yourself with the spiral roads in this race car stunt game. Do you think it is the easiest game? Not really. The game will be more difficult when these gems are located in the air. You need to base on the slopes to make jumps and get them. To do this thing, you must own great driving skills. However, you can choose to drive freestyle or collect gems as a mission in Car Driving Stunt Game. Do you want to play a driving game with a mandatory mission? Rally Point 2 is for you.

The cost of each car in Car Driving Stunt Game

Note that you can use gathered gems to unlock new supercars which are always available in the game shop. You can unlock an extreme supercar with 10 gems, Lifted Muscle Car with 30 gems, Bugatti Chiron with 50 gems, Lotus Elise with 75 gems, and Chevy Corvette with 90 gems. These aren't small numbers of gems because it is very difficult to get a gem. Of course, the more expensive car will be more attractive. Unlocking all cars in the online Car Driving Stunt Game isn't mandatory. However, you can take it as your main challenge in this game. The game will be more interesting. Besides this game, there is another similar game where you can drive as you want on our web. It is Madalin Stunt Cars which even has more supercars in Car Driving Stunt Game.

Features of Car Driving Stunt Game

  • The cars are created as same as the real cars in the real life.
  • Reduce stress when driving a supercar in a beautiful city. The game is playable on computers, tablets and mobile, so you can play this game anywhere.
  • Freedom to drive and explore
  • Automatically refuel when the fuel runs out. Here, fuel is completely free so you don't need to worry about wasting gems.

How to control

  • Up arrow key to accelerate
  • Down arrow key to brake
  • Right and left arrow keys to change the direction of the car


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