About Rally Point 2

Drift and overcome many bends in Rally Point 2. Unlock 6 tracks by completing the race before time is up. Are you ready to be a pro race in this game?

Rally Point is considered the most famous version of the Rally Point series. Like many other racing games, you will become a racer in Rally Point 2. In this game, the graphics are meticulously designed. You can see both dust and dirt when you drive at high speed. In addition, controlling the cars in the game is also easier than in other racing games. 

The rule of Rally Point 2 

In this game, you have to race with limited time instead of opponents. For each track, you will have 55 seconds to reach the finish line. Of course, the tracks will include many bends which require your great driving skills. One piece of advice for you is to go through the checkpoints, so you won't get lost. Do not try to explore around as the area around you is already limited. Let's focus on the track and win straight. If you want to against the best racers in the world instead of racing with time, TrackMania Blitz is suitable for you.

How to complete a track in  Rally Point 2

Start your car and navigate the steering wheel to avoid obstacles and reach the finish line to complete the track. Try to stay on the right track and avoid collisions to be able to run as fast as possible. Don't let any reason stop you from hitting the track in the allotted time. You can look at the top of the screen to keep track of the game's required completion time and the time you've spent. Even if you reach the finish line safely but out of time, you have to replay that lap.

Tracks and cars in Rally Point 2 

There are six tracks for you to challenge your skills. However, they aren’t available, and you must unlock them one by one. Each track has different background and weather. They can be in the forest, snowy, sunny, dark, etc. All these things bring excitement to players. They will not be bored. 

The game also provides six different cars which have unique appearances. They are designed based on the race car in real life. You don’t money to use these cars. However, you need to unlock them by finishing the tracks. You can try some cars by watching ads. However, using your own car is still more enjoyable. Besides Rally Point 2, we also want to suggest Madalin Stunt Car which has more than six supercars. 

More information about Rally Point 2 

Release Date

Rally Point 2 was initially released as a Flash game, so not all devices can run this game. However, the WebGL version has been available since May 2021. It allows more devices to access Rally Point 2.


XformGames develops Rally Point 2.


Rally Point 2 is available on the web browser (mobile and desktop). Therefore, you can play the game anytime you want. 

How to control

  • Steer: Arrow Keys/ WASD
  • Drift: Shift/ X
  • Nitro: Spacebar/ Z


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