About TrackMania Blitz

Our web brings a new game for people who love racing games. Do you usually the sports car race on the TV? Now, you will turn into a professional racer and take part in a race. This game will give you a miniature racing track. Unlike Madalin Stunt Car, you have specific goals in this game. You need to complete the specified number of laps as quickly as possible. Riders will be eliminated gradually if they are left behind. Remember that you can get the best reward if you gain first place. 

How to gain first place in TrackMania Blitz

Start the engine and set off to fight other vehicles. Pass the races with many corners based on your driving skills. Of course, the track will include many bends which sometimes make you confused. Therefore, you can slow up when making some drifts.  You should stay on the right track if you don't want to restart the game round. Try your best to stay on top of the race. If your name turns red, you're in danger.  Your car will automatically run and your objective is to change the direction of the vehicle. The more special thing is you can watch other players in the race although you are eliminated. 

On the track, you can see some special paths. Some paths can boost your speed while some paths can slow your speed down. Therefore, you should limit passing through paths that reduce vehicle speed.

Leagues in TrackMania Blitz

As I mentioned, you will take part in a race to get the best reward. There are five available leagues which are the bronze league, silver league, gold league, platinum league and diamond league. Each league has three different tracks and needs an entry fee. 

Tracks in each league

  • Bronze League tracks: A01 Pilot, A02 Coaster, A03 Rift
  • Silver League tracks: B01 You Ride, B02 Cue Ball, B03 Sundae Split
  • Gold League tracks: C01 Orbit, C02 Network, C03 Freeway. 
  • Platinum League tracks: D01 Super Fly, D02 Highway Star, D03 Sliver Charlot
  • Diamond League tracks: E01 The Ace, E02 Opportunity, E03 Tribute.

More information about TrackMania Blitz

Now, let’s explore some things you may not know about this game. This game is a new game released on March 14, 2022. Have you played this game or not? Catch this game now! 

The leaderboard of TrackMania Blitz

The game has a leaderboard which shows top players over the world. You can see the top players daily, weekly or all the time. Moreover, you also watch the top players in your territory or worldwide. Can you get your name on this leaderboard? Let’s defeat all excellent racers who may come from the world or your territory. Hope you have a great time. Besides TrackMania Blitz, we also recommend a racing game with cool graphics and easy gameplay. It is Car Driving Stunt Game.

Features of TrackMania Blitz

  • The exciting racing game
  • Try to move to the finish line first
  • Cool graphics and effects

How to control: Use arrow keys to move


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