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Car Eats Car: Underwater Adventure

The plot of Car Eats Car: Underwater Adventure

New driving game is coming on our web. You will not only drive a car for money or cash, you have to drive an evil car with your life. In this game. you will turn into an evil car. He and his friends are arrested in a dark cave. Now, escape from that cave and save your friends! They are waiting for you. Of course, you must face thousands of deadly traps, obstacles and enemies along the road. This game is designed with an underwater theme. You will have a chance to explore an undersea world. Many colourful creatures live there. However, they can threaten your character in Car Eats Car: Under Adventure.

The game is one of the famous versions in the Car Eats Car series. The colourful graphics and classic gameplay will clear your mind. Can you save your friends and defeat all enemies? You can find the answer when playing this game. If you still want to play another monster car game, you can try Monster Truck Driving.

Car Eats Car: Underwater Adventure gameplay

The way to escape and save your friends isn’t easy. You face many difficulties on the road. Always press the up arrows to move forward. If you stop at some seconds, you will be attacked by enemies. Besides going straight ahead, you also need to lean left or right. When your car land off after overcoming slopes or abyss, it will be easy to lose balance. Therefore, you should lean your car correctly. Many obstacles along the road like bombs, sharp spikes, etc can hurt your car character in Car Eats Car. Try to dodge them. Moreover, many other dangerous monster cars also attack you. The character's endurance is limited, so please minimize the damage to it. One note is the monster car will be destroyed as soon as it falls into an abyss.

Do all these problems scare you? Don’t too worry because there are some support items for you. You can collect along the road such as power boosts, bombs, blood boxes, etc. Getting them will be helpful for your adventures. Furthermore, there is a lucky wheel before you enter the adventure. When you spin the wheel, you will probably get some extras. For example, you can gain shields, increase attack power or speed, and so on.

What the garage in Car Eats Car: Underwater Adventure has

Now, let's explore some interesting things in the garage.

  • There are three car characters for you to choose from. They are Magalodon, Alligator and Barracuda. You only can use Magalodon first and find two rest characters under the ground. Your monster cars can be stronger with some upgrades for armour, turbo, speed and damage.
  • There are three powerful gadgets you can equip for your character. Firstly, the magnet can generate a magnetic field which attracts rubies. Secondly, the bomb replicator can slowly generate bombs in the stock. Finally, the emp emitter can emit an electromagnetic pulse which paralyzes enemies around you.
  • Moreover, you also buy some kinds of bombs in the garage. They are basic bombs, frag bombs and water bombs. Press the space bar to release bombs. Your number of bombs is limited, so you should use them reasonably.

What makes Car Eats Cars: Underwater Adventure addicted

  • The game has 2D graphics with many beautiful details. Although the characters are monster cars, they are very cute. However, if you want to experience 3D driving cars, Madalin Stunt Cars is what you need.
  • The game offers various levels for you. The next levels always are harder than the previous levels. Therefore, you will not be bored when playing this game.
  • The sound effect and music are also very impressive

Simple control

  • Use WASD or arrows to gas, keep balance, and brake
  • Press the X, and Z keys to use turbo and space to throw bombs


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