About Stunt Bikers 3D

Now, our web brings a new kind of racing game for you. Stunt Biker 3D will turn you into a bike racer. Different from Madalin Stunt Cars game, you will drive a motorbike in Stunt Biker 3D. Reach the destination at all costs to get some coins. Many new characters and bikes are waiting for you to unlock. The game offers many features like customizing your bike, upgrading your bike, unlocking new bikes or characters, play many modes. Select your favourite character and bike, and let's prove your driving skills. Are you ready for many thrilling races?

Stunt Bikers 3D game modes

The game provides 3 modes which are impossible, challenge and race modes. All 3 modes have 40 levels in total. Each mode has different features. Let's explore them

  • Impossible mode: You have to move on the bridge made of wooden panels. Around the bridge is water, so use your skills to avoid falling into the water. Your main target is to reach the destination before time's up. You will get some stars after completing a level. The number of stars will base on your time. For example, you can get three starts when you finish the level quickly. Moreover, if you collide with obstacles on the road, you will lose level.
  • Challenge mode: You will move on the road and be covered by vertical mountain slopes. You just need to fall off the track and the game is over. Reach the destination by driving carefully through the mountain slopes.
  • Racing mode: You will have a chance to take part in a race. This mode is for players who want to agast the best racers. Can you defeat all opponents and gain a first place?

The bikes and characters

You will have an opportunity to experience five motorbikes in Stunt Bikers 3D. Whether you like super motorbikes or normal bikes, there is a suitable choice for you. The equivalent of five motorbikes is five cool characters. Select a bike and start the race now! Do you want to play another racing game, but it isn’t driving a car or motorbike, you should play Uphill Rush 8. What vehicle will you control in this game? Play to know!


Is Stunt Biker 3D a 3D driving game?

Yes, it is. It has 3D graphics, so brings real emotion to players.

Can I play Stunt Bikers 3D on my tablet?

Yes, you can play the game on your computer, tablet or computer.

How many levels does this game have?

Stunt Bikers 3D has 40 levels.

How can I save progress in Stunt Bikers 3D?

Your game data will be saved in the browser cache. Therefore, unless you delete the browser cache, you still restart at the last level.

How to control

  • If you play on the computer, use a "shift" to move forward and arrow keys to control directions.
  • If you play on mobile phones, press four buttons on the screen.


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