Introduce Top Speed Racing 3D

Owning the incredible cars right now and show your driving skills in Top Speed Racing 3D. Complete various missions along the road and prove your dynamic driver. Of course, these missions also have levels. The higher level you are, the more difficulties you have. One more special about the missions of this game is they are not mandatory. Therefore, you can select to finish missions or drive-free style. You can explore a stunt city without doing missions. The game is developed by GreatGame which is a famous publisher and developer of web games. Each detail and car in Top Speed 3D is designed to look like in real life. 

Details about Top Speed Racing 3D game’s mission.

The game has three main kinds of missions, including Drift, Parkour and Time Trial. Or they can be called modes of this game. You can select any mode to play. And each mode also has different levels. For example, you can choose Drift level 1 to play or Parkour level 2, etc. You can select any level you like without in turn. However, we highly recommend you play level 1 first. The first levels will be easier to pass. When you play from level 1 to the higher levels, you also exercise your driving skills. Let’s explore the features of each mode in the Top Speed Racing 3D online game:

  • Drift: You must get the target drift points before reaching the all checkpoints. 
  • Parkour: Drive your car through many levels with hundred of obstacles. You will not only drive the car normally, but you will also enter a parkour competition with your car. Estimated the time, and make some right jumps to pass all levels. 
  • Time Trial: Reach all target checkpoints before time’s up. You can see the target checkpoints on the left corner of the screen. Drive as quickly as possible and don’t skip any checkpoints to get the victory. 

Drive freestyle if you want in Top Speed Racing 3D

As I mentioned, if you don’t want to do given tasks, you can drive freestyle in the city and show some awesome drifts. Of course, there are no citizens or police in this city. Therefore, you can drive at the max speed or even you can crash many objects on the road like electricity poles, barriers, etc. If you feel bored with driving freestyle and completing given missions, let’s try some small challenges along the road such as speed camera 180KPH. Then you will get a lot of cash. However, if these missions are not satisfied you, let’s try City Car Racer. It will not let you down. 

How to earn money in Top Speed Racing 3D

Different from other racing games, you have many ways to earn cash in this game. First, the most efficient way and it brings the most money is to complete the given missions. You just need to go to the quest portal and press the start button. If you fail the mission, the game will let you play until you pass the level. Then you will get a large amount of money. The more difficult the task, the more money you earn.

Secondly, you can get cash by driving freestyle. Making some cool jumps and drifts also helps you earn some money. However, this amount of cash isn’t as much as finishing missions. When you driving on the road, you even can see some gems. Go through them to get them. 

Finally, overcome some quick challenges to get cash. This will not take a lot of time to complete as the given tasks and you can get a lot of money. However, these challenges are hard to find on the road. 

Customize and unlock new cars with money in Top Speed Racing 3D

Help your car be more impressive by colouring its full body, rims, hood, roof, window tint, etc. Besides, you can buy upgrades for your car’s engine, turbo, nitro, etc. Your car will be more powerful and more attractive with customizing and upgrading. However, you need to earn cash first. Moreover, we suggest another racing game where you can drive freestyle - Madalin Stunt Cars. You will have a relaxing time with it. 

How to control to get cash

Use your arrow keys to move


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